Glist is your AI-powered newsletter assistant

Glist creates and manages email lists for you. All via email and powered by artificial intelligence and natural language processing.

Get Started

For example...

You want to sign up? Send an email to Glist.
You want to make a new list? Email Glist.
You want to add people to your list? Shoot Glist a note.
You want to add people to your list via bcc? Blind copy good ol' Glist!
You want to send emails to your list? Use your Glist list!

Stop cc'ing and bcc'ing your people.

Glist is more polite because your recipients can easily unsubscribe. Glist is easier because you can add and remove people without leaving your inbox.

Some FAQs...

What do my recipients see?

They see your message from you with your subject but with this little bit of text appended to the bottom so your fans know how to unsubscribe.

What does it cost?

It'll be free until it can't be free any longer. When it's not free, it won't cost more than $10/year for personal use. For businesses it will cost more like $10/mo.

What will I get with the paid version?

There are some limitations currently baked into this product that you'll get relief from when you pay. Among them are:

  • Open and link tracking. Wouldn't it be nice to know how many people opened or clicked your emails? We'll track your newsletter open rates.
  • Bulk importing recipients. Right now you can only import about 10 at a time.
  • Custom list names. With the free version you're stuck with what gives you. Can't change it.
  • Longer lists. Free accounts are limited to 50 recipients and 200 total sends per month.
  • Phone and email support! Because everybody needs somebody sometimes.
  • An API key. For integrating into your CRM, marketing software, and Zapier and whatnot.
Who are you?

I'm a guy who likes to build things. I've built Scripted, Toofr, Inlistio, Thinbox, eNPS, and more (probably) on the way.